March 30: Vegard Skirbekk convenes Pew panel on Religion & Health

Columbia Aging Center faculty member Vegard Skirbekk convenes a March 30 panel at the Pew Research Center in Washington, DC, on the topic of Religion & Health during Pew's "Advancing the Demographic Study of Religion" conference.



Ellen Idler: "Why isn't religion more widely recognized and studied as a social determinant of health?"

Zachary Zimmer, Carol Jagger, and Chi-Tsun Chiu: "Do more religious people live longer and healthier lives across all populations, cultures, health domains and ways of expressing religious conviction?"

Kimiko Tanaka, Nan Johnson, and Jeon-Hwa Ho: "What are the relationships between religiosity and life-satisfaction in Japan and the United States?"

John Bartkowski, Ginny Garcia-Alexander, and Xiaohe Xu: "Why does the religious composition of U.S. counties predict infant mortaility rates even after controlling for confounding factors?"

Terrence Hill: "Does religious involvement slow down cellular aging?"