Our "BIOLOGIES" OF AGING? series continues on Feb. 2 with Titia de Lange

January 24, 2016  This spring we're offering a series of seven events all devoted to the biology of aging. Full series details are here.

The next event in the series is a joint seminar with the Department of Genetics & Development on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, at 4 p.m., when we'll present Titia de Lange, PhD, Leon Hess Professor of Cell Biology and Genetics at the Rockfeller University. Dr. de Lange's talk is entitled "Telomeres and Genome Instablity in Cancer."

Dr. de Lange's lab studies telomeres, protective elements at the ends of chromosomes critical for the stability and maintenance of the genetic information. Deficiency in telomere function can cause genomic alterations found in cancer, and the gradual loss of telomeres contributes to aging of human cells. Dr. de Lange seeks to understand how telomere protection is established and what happens when telomere function is lost during the early stages of tumor formation.

CUMC Location: HSC Room 301, 701 West 168th Street and Fort Washington Avenue - The Hammer Sciences Building.