Special Lecture May 28th: Policy Exposures and Health Across the Lifecourse

May 18, 2015  Please join us for Dr. Esteban Calvo's May 28th special lecture entitled Policy exposures and health across the lifecourse: Evidence from three longitudinal studies of the effects of anti-tobacco, unemployment, and retirement policies.

Dr. Calvo will present his research from three studies, all of which draw on large longitudinal datasets and use a range of innovative analytic approaches to examine how policies shape health behaviors and outcomes over the lifecourse. 

His first study analyzes data from 326,615 Chilean teenagers to evaluate the impact of anti-tobacco legislation (introduced in 2006) on teen smoking. His second study draws on data from 398,533 individuals living in 95 nations (including not only high-income but also low and middle-income countries).  Here he explores how the links between unemployment program characteristics and subjective well-being vary depending on country of residence and employment or work status. For the third study, he examines 9,025 U.S. older adults (age 50 and above) using different models to estimate the causal effects of retirement timing on a variety of health outcomes and behaviors. 

This work is an examination of policies implemented in diverse countries across the globe and applied to individuals over the lifecourse in different ways.  The results of the three studies paint a compelling picture of how policies can promote healthy aging and benefit society as a whole. Further, Dr. Calvo suggests that the results should lead epidemiologists to examine heterogeneity in treatment effects in order to develop successful policies promoting health over the lifecourse. 

Date: May 28, 2015
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Place: Allan Rosenfield Building
11th Floor Conference Room
722 West 168th Street

Esteban Calvo, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor of Public Policy, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Adjunct Research Scientist, Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center