Aging, Brain, and Behavior: Potentials

In this research area, we are interested in the conditions that help to unfold the positive plasticity of different dimensions of psycholgical functioning such as cognition, emotion, and personality during adulthood and old age. Conceptual work in this area reviews available psychological evidence and connects it to institutional and legal conditions. In the past, we have established physical exercise as an important behavioral condition that improves cognitive performance and reactivates brain functioning and reactivates brain functioning (Voelcker-Rehage, Godde, & Staudinger,2010). More recently, this work has expanded to also cover activity interventions be it in the realm of work or volunteering. Besides cognitive functioning we have also been interested in personality and emotional functioning. Most lately, we have added a population perspective to the usually person-centered psychological approach.Each of these areas are further explored below:

1. Varied Work Biographies as Natural Intervention for Cognitive and Personality Aging

2. Positive Plasticity of Personality is Dependent on Personal and Contextual Resources

3. Plasticity of Aging from a Population Perspective