Past Brown Bag Seminars

The aim of the CAC Brown Bag Series is to discuss current theory and research on aging. CAC Brownbag meetings are informal meetings and participants are invited to bring lunch. The meetings consist of informal 45-60 minute presentations, given by external or CAC in-house researchers. The presentations are followed by a 30-45 minute Q&A session and group discussion.


February, 28, 2017 - "BIOLOGIES" OF AGING? Series: “The Effect of Mitochondrial Dysfunction on Aging in Drosophila”
Speaker: Dr. Edward Owusu-Ansah(Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University)

February, 7, 2017- “Perturbation-based Training Can Improve Dynamic Stability and Cognitive Function in the Elderly”
Speakers: Drs. Sunil K. Agrawal & Dario Martelli (Columbia University Robotics and RehabilitationLaboratory)

February, 1, 2017 - “From Snapshots to Movies: Labor-force Sequences and Health Trajectories in Old Age”
Speakers: Dr. Esteban Calvo (Columbia Aging Center) & Ignacio Madero-Cabib (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

December 13, 2016 - “Social Relations across the Life Span: The Long and Winding Road”
Speaker: Dr. Toni C. Antonucci (Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan)

December 5, 2016 - “Proteostasis in Development and Aging”
Speaker: Dr. Thorsten Hoppe (Institute for Genetics and CECAD Cologne)

December 1, 2016 - “Differences in Aging across Cultures” (CGT Lunchtime Seminar)
Speaker: Dr. Vegard Skirbekk (Columbia Aging Center)

November 18, 2016 - “Population Aging and Elderly Care in China and East Asia”
Speaker: Pr. Du Peng (Professor Director, Institute of Gerontology, Renmin University of China)

November 3, 2016 - “Disparities in Cardiovascular Health and Functional Well-being across the Life Span”
Speaker: Dr. Julien Teitler (Social Work and Sociology, Columbia University)

September 15, 2016 - “The Aging Society: Are We Doing Well? Are We Doing Good?”
Speaker: Dr. Kaare Christensen (Epidemiology, University of Southern Denmark)

August 23, 2016 - “Understanding Later Life Adversity and Resilience in Low-Resource Urban Settings in Nairobi”
Speaker: Dr. Isabella Aboderin (African Population and Health Center, Nairobi)

May 16, 2016 - “Impact of State Medicaid Generosity for Home- and Community-Based Services on Nursing Home Entry”
Speaker: Dr. Thomas Rapp (Department of Health Policy & Management, Harvard School of Public Health)

May 10, 2016 - “Protecting Health in Hard Times: The Changing Role of Families in Mitigating Adverse Effects of Labor Market Shocks”
Speaker: Dr. Philipp Hessel (Center for Population & Development Studies, Harvard University)

May 6, 2016 - “Early Life Environment and Later Life Cognitive Reserve”
Speaker: Dr. Sarah Tom (University of Maryland School of Pharmacology)

April 14, 2016 - "BIOLOGIES" OF AGING? Series: “Role for Mitochondrial Quality Control during Yeast Cell Division in Aging”
Speaker: Dr. Liza Pon (Department of Pathology and Cell Biology, Columbia University)

April 6, 2016 - “Age of Retirement and Human Capital in an Aging China, 2015-2050”
Speaker: Dr. Wei-Jun Jean Yeung (Centre for Family and Population Research, National University of Singapore)

March 31, 2016 - "BIOLOGIES" OF AGING? Series: “A Role for Selective Autophagy in the Developing and Aging Brain”
Speaker: Dr. Ai Yamamoto (Department of Neurology, Columbia University)

March 11, 2016 - “The Development of Adaptivity: Towards a Lifespan Perspective on Developmental Regulation”
Speaker: Dr. Werner Greve (University of Hildesheim)

March 2, 2016 - "BIOLOGIES" OF AGING? Series: “A Model for Studying Neuronal Aging in C. elegans
Speaker: Dr. Michael Hart (Department of Biophysics, Columbia University)

February 3, 2016 - “Challenges and Opportunities for a Global Index on Active Aging”
Speaker: Dr. Asghar Zaidi (International Social Policy, University of Southampton)

February 2, 2016 - "BIOLOGIES" OF AGING? Series: “Telomeres and Genome Instability in Cancer”
Speaker: Dr. Titia de Lange (Laboratory of Cell Biology and Genetics, The Rockefeller University)

January 27, 2016 - "BIOLOGIES" OF AGING? Series: “A Timely Death: Circadian Regulation and Aging”
Speaker: Dr. Mimi Shirasu-Hiza (Department of Genetics and Development, Columbia University)

December 8, 2015 - “Gender, culture and cognition at older age”
Speaker: Dr. Eric Bonsang (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research - LISER)

November 5, 2015 - “Metacognition and Aging”
Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Cosentino (Department of Neurology, Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Aging Brain, Columbia University)

October 20, 2015 - “Longitudinal Effects of Self-Perceptions of Aging on Health and Behavioral Outcomes”
Speaker: Dr. Deirdre Robertson (Department of Medical Gerontology, Trinity College, Dublin)

September 29, 2015 - “Psychosocial Factors in Cognitive Aging”
Speaker: Dr. Laura Zahodne (Department of Neurology, Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Aging Brain, Columbia University)

May 19, 2015 - “Reducing Risks of Falls by Training with Controlled Pelvis Force Perturbations”
Speaker: Dr. Sunil Agrawal (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University)

April 14, 2015 - “Prescriptive Age Stereotypes: Individual, Interpersonal, Institutional, and International”
Speaker: Dr. Michael North (Department of Psychology, Columbia University) 

April 7, 2015 - “What Buffers the Decline of Openness across the Lifespan? The Role of the Macro Context”
Speaker: Dr. Anne Reitz (Columbia Aging Center, Columbia University) 

March 12, 2015 - “Race, Culture, Education and Cognitive Aging”
Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Manly (Department of Neurology, Columbia University) 

February 24, 2015 - “World Cities Projects”
Speaker: Dr. Daniel Weisz (Columbia Aging Center, Columbia University)

December 22, 2014 - “Investigating the Relationship Between Nonphysical Leisure Activities and One's Cognitive Ability”
Speaker: Dr. Robert Fieo 

November 17, 2014 - “Sarcopenia: A Modifiable Pathway in the Frailty Phenotype”
Speaker: Dr. Thuy-Tien Dam 

October 20, 2014 - “Museum-Based, Arts-Centered Experiences as a Means to Improve Dementia Caregiver Burden”
Speaker: Dr. James Noble

September 8, 2014 - “Changes in Emotional and Beahvioral Values Across Adulthood”
Speaker: Dr. Alexandra Freund

August 25, 2014 - “Effects of Retirement of Health/Behavior Outcomes (Americans and Chileans”
Speaker: Dr. Esteban Calvo

July 14, 2014 - “Being Valued and Respected in Old Age: Gender-Differential Effects of Age Stereotypes on Well-Being in Later Adulthood”
Speaker: Dr. David Weiss 

June 2, 2014 - “Predictors of Wisdom-Related Performance: Growth and Adjustment in Adolescence”
Speaker: Dr. Alan Law