Yan-Liang (Jerry) Yu, PhD

Contact information
(212) 305-0424

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center

Dr. Yan-Liang (Jerry) Yu is a postdoctoral research scientist at the Columbia Aging Center. He received his PhD in Sociology in 2016 from the Department of Sociology at Michigan State University. Dr. Yu is interested in social determinants of health over the life course, and his current research primarily focuses on 1) how marital relationships over the life course are linked to the health of older adults with chronic disease and 2) health implications of racial pairings in marriage. He is currently working on a project with Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger that investigates the link between activity patterns and cognitive performance.


Education & Training:

PhD, 2016, Sociology, Michigan State University
MA, 2007, Sociology, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
BA, 2003, Sociology and English, National Chengchi University, Taiwan


Selected Publications:

Zhang, Zhenmei, Mark D. Hayward and Yan-Liang Yu. 2016. “Life Course Pathways to Racial Disparities in Cognitive Impairment among Older Americans.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 57(2): 184-199.
 Zhang, Zhenmei, Hui Liu and Yan-Liang Yu. 2016. “Marital Biography and Health in Mid- and Late Life.” In Couple Relationships in Mid- and Late Life: Current Perspectives, ed. By Jamila Bookwala. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
Chandra, Siddharth and Yan-Liang Yu. 2015. “The 1918 Influenza Pandemic and Subsequent Birth Deficit in Japan.” Demographic Research 33: 313-326.
Chandra, Siddharth and Yan-Liang Yu. 2015. “Fertility Decline and the 1918 Influenza in Taiwan.” Biodemography and Social Biology 61(3): 266-272.