Never before have people enjoyed life expectancy beyond age 80. Now, this longevity is becoming commonplace in countries all around the world. With these extra years come many challenges to ensure that people are living not only longer lives, but rich lives filled with purpose and good health that benefit all generations and society at large.  And a new generation of well-trained thought leaders is vital going forward.

The Columbia Aging Center is an endowed, university-wide, interdisciplinary research and policy center anchored in the Mailman School of Public Health, one of the world’s leading schools of public health. The Center brings together world-renowned researchers to enable and catalyze the study of aging, health and implications of aging societies, and to develop evidence to support successful aging for individuals and societies alike. The Center is mandated to lead and stimulate the creation of interdisciplinary science and education for public health within the Mailman School, while catalyzing and promoting work on aging across Columbia University.

The Columbia Aging Center approach to aging science is innovative, multidisciplinary and translational, applying scientific results to policy and practice.

A unique feature of the Columbia Aging Center is that it houses the International Longevity Center USA (ILC-USA), and it is the current home of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG). The ILC-USA is a member of the global consortium of ILCs devoted to the development of policies, awareness campaigns and interventions at the individual and societal level to best respond to populating aging and support longevity. This consortium known as the ILC Global Alliance reaches into 17 countries around the world.

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Pictured below: Journalists and researchers came together for our 2017 Age Boom Academy at the the Columbia School of Journalism.

Age Boom Participants 2017