The Columbia Aging Center and APS 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

On May 24th, Center faculty member David Weiss organized a symposium entitled "All in Your Mind? Pathways of Age Sterotype Activation," at the Association for Psychological Science's Annual Convention. The symposium focused on four perspectives: prescriptive expectations or "shoulds" for older adults to step aside or pass along certain resources; perceptions of the aging self and physical decline; societal role expectations that promote personality trait development; and interrelationships of age stereotypes and the growth and loss of age-related social status.

The Columbia Aging Center was represented by David Weiss, Anne Reitz, Stephanie Grah, and director Ursula Staudinger. Symposium participants included Anna Kornadt from the University of Bielefeld, Deirdre Robertson from Trinity College Dublin and Michael North from Columbia University, among others.

Anne Reitz  presented the poster "What Buffers the Age-Related Decline of Openness? The Role of Societal Characteristics," which featureed a study from 28 countries showing that opportunity structures and positive images of aging buffer age-related decline of openness in individuals.