Ursula Staudinger speaks at World Bank panel on aging and policy

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The International Monetary Fund (IMF)-World Bank held a panel discussion on April 16, entitled Gray Areas: Aging & Public Policy Choices in Europe & Asia Pacific. This event brought together a distinguished panel of senior policy-makers, business executives, renowned economists, and aging experts to discuss the risks and opportunities from aging, as well as policy challenges facing the Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia and Pacific regions.

  • Maintaining growth prospects in an aging region. What is the potential impact of aging on future growth? What are the channels to counteract growth impacts or to realize the growth opportunities from aging? What countries are doing or can do to encourage active and productive ageing and what policies have the most potential to deliver results?

  • Aging, Inequality and Poverty. What are potential aging impacts and policy responses to income inequality and poverty? 

  • Balancing the role of the state and the family. What are the policies and instruments that the state would need to develop or strengthen to respond to the challenges of rapid ageing?

  • Fiscal capacity for the future - building sustainable and balanced pension and health systems. What are the key reform challenges in the areas of pensions, health and long-term care? How can the right balance be achieved in terms of coverage, adequacy and sustainability? What is the relative role of incentives and mandates (related to pension eligibility, health status/disability and work, and care provision) for labor supply and retirement decisions?

  • Fertility policy and migration. Is there a role for state interventions to raise fertility rates? What could be a potential policy mix for raising fertility rates in the richer aging countries?

  • Harnessing the diversity in aging patterns. How much migration can play a role in the current and future political context that traditionally opposes large-scale migration? And how can those barriers reduced to promote migration from younger to aging countries? 

The video below from CCTV America discusses the World Bank panel and continues the discussion on aging.