JAMA piece by Linda Fried and Jack Rowe on Health Care for an Aging Population

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Columbia Aging Center faculty members Jack Rowe and Linda Fried teamed up with John A. Hartford Foundation president Terry Fulmer on the forthcoming article "Vital Directions from the National Academy of Medicine: Preparing for Better Health and Health Care for an Aging Population."  This piece appears in the October 25, 2016, issue of JAMA (Volume 316, Number 16).

The number and proportion of older persons in the United States is rapidly increasing. Significant deficiencies are projected in the country’s capacity to deliver the medical, public health, and support services needed for the future frail and ill older population, and the nation is not investing sufficiently in keeping people healthy late in life. Valuable advances are needed in 4 vital directions central to the health and well-being of older persons, especially those at greatest risk owing to medical conditions or social disadvantage.