Ruth Finkelstein, Daphna Shohamy and Ursula Staudinger to present at "Leveraging Neuroscience to Power Organizational and Individual Performance" Exec Ed event

Monday, June 13, 2016

From June 13-15, the Columbia Aging Center partners with the Columbia Business School in their Executive Education program: “Leveraging Neuroscience to Power Organizational and Individual Performance.”

This year's line-up of speakers will feature Columbia Aging Center Fellow Daphna Shohamy, psychology professor at Columbia University. Dr. Shohamy will talk about how the human brain learns and dissect the connection between learning and memory. Also featured in the program are our director, Ursula Staudinger, and our associate director, Ruth Finkelstein.  Understanding how the mind works can help explain why some leadership styles are more effective than others. In the area of talent development as well as more broad business functions where there are teams and reporting structures, neuroscience can help bring to light questions such as why certain feedback, incentives, or threats motivate some people and discourage others.

Leveraging Neuroscience to Power Organizational and Individual Performance brings the latest research on neuroscience, considering implications for learning on both the individual and organizational levels particularly relevant for talent development officers and those who are charged with attracting and retaining top talent.

This three-day program focuses on neuroleadership: the application of discoveries in neuroscience on leadership development and management training. Specifically, participants will examine how to improve organizational performance. The research-backed approach of this program is designed to help participants understand and improve the way we think about, process, and execute leadership styles.

Questions about creating a culture of learning within your organization will be addressed, with specific relevance to talent and development.

To obtain the full program or to register for this executive education training program, please visit the Columbia Business School website.