NextAvenue's Chris Farrell explores the topic of aging voters in Election 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Age Boom Academy alumnus, Chris Farrell digs into the question of how aging affects political leanings in his July 21st piece "How Older Voters Will Vote in the 2016 Election."  Farrell cites psychologist Ursula M. Staudinger, director of the Columbia Aging Center, on the effects of chronological age on voting behavior.  About undecided voters who are older, Farrell concludes that the candidate who espouses policies favoring improved economic opportunities for future generations will have great appeal:

The Big Factor for Older Swing Voters
I think the critical factor for undecided or wavering older voters will be inter-generational equity.

Based on my travels around the country talking with boomers about my book, Unretirement, they care deeply about the younger generation. The candidate who outlines a set of economic and social policies raising the odds that the next generation will do better than their aging boomer parents, may well attract the undecided older voters.