Ruth Finkelstein Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Creator of the Age Smart Employer Awards, the Center's associate director, Ruth Finkelstein, ScD, was featured in a March 9th piece by Carol Hymowitz in Bloomberg Businessweek: "Why Brooks Brothers Is Investing in Veteran Tailors."


More seniors are keeping their jobs beyond traditional retirement age, because they want to continue working and often need the income. At the same time, manufacturers, retailers, and even legacy technology companies are rediscovering the value of older, more seasoned workers and are taking steps to keep them.

“U.S. companies increasingly are heading in the same direction as those in aging countries like Japan and Germany with shortages of skilled workers,” says Ruth Finkelstein, associate director of Columbia University’s Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center. “Brooks Brothers is ahead of the curve and a model for other companies” in tackling the challenges and opportunities of managing multigenerational employees, she says.

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Ruth Finkelstein: Productivity is the Way to Age from Columbia Univeristy News.