Vegard Skirbekk speaks at United Nations Expert Group Meeting

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The United Nations held an expert group meeting from October 12-13, 2016, to examine the various aspects of the special theme of the upcoming session of the Commission on Population and Development: "Changing population age structures and sustainable development."  The expert group meeting emphasized the new evidence and analysis regarding drives and consequences of the changing age distribution of the population.  Participants examined the implications of shifts in population age distribution for government policies regarding health, education, work, social protection and intergenerational support.  Columbia Aging Center faculty member, Vegard Skirbekk, PhD, spoke on "Ageing, health and work potential."  Other speakers included John Wilmoth, director of the UN's Population Division; John Beard of the World Health Organizaiton, and Rafael Rofman of the World Bank.