At the Columbia Aging Center, we are training the next generation of aging researchers and policy makers.

Columbia University offers a number of avenues for students to pursue an education on aging at the undergraduate and graduate level. There are aging course offerings in biology, psychology, sociomedical sciences, global thought listed in the directory of courses (keyword "aging").  In addition to these courses, the Mailman School of Public Health offers doctoral and masters programs within which students may pursue the Health of an Aging Society Certificate.  The Columbia Aging Center fosters student groups like "Perspectives on Aging" and assists postdoctoral fellows on the Columbia University Medical Center campus with professional and networking opportunities in its "Aging Roundtable."

Mailman School of Public Health Masters in Public Health Program and Health of an Aging Society Certificate
As part of the Mailman School's innovative Master of Public Health (MPH) curriculum, students in the departments of Sociomedical Sciences, Populations and Family Health, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, and Health Policy & Management are eligible to complete a certificate in the Health of an Aging Society.  Meeting the needs of our aging society is one of the most significant public health challenges of the 21st century.  The training and leadership of today's students is crucial to mapping the implications of aging and structuring effective future policies and programs that address the welfare of aging populations. The certificate offers graduates an ecological approach to aging and comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives on aging in societies.  As an aging society is often framed as a negative problem, the curriculum will consider ways to frame a rights-oriented perspective to policies and programs for older persons. Visit the Mailman School's aging certificate webpage for more information on the certificate's required courses, certificate electives, and scheduling. Sample courses include:

(Y)our Longer Life (debuts Spring 2019 and geared for graduate and undergraduate students with different requirements)
The Global Politics of Aging
Epidemiology of Genetics and Aging
Public Health and Aging

Longevity Scholars & Global Internships and Training
Our Longevity Fellowships support Columbia Mailman MPH students enrolled in the Health of an Aging Society Certificate to pursue practica in aging science and practice. The Center also supports matching MPH students with global and national internship opportunities.

Mailman School of Public Health Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)
The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) can be obtained in Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Population and Family Health (Leadership in Global Health and Humanitarian Systems), or Sociomedical Sciences; and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) can be obtained in Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, or Sociomedical Sciences.  The Sociomedical Sciences PhD program is interdisciplinary, with study divided between the Mailman School and one of several departments in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Anthropology, History, Psychology, or Sociology ). Visit the Mailman School's doctoral program webpage for degree competencies, curriculum plans, and admissions requirements. 

Mailman School of Public Health Public Health Student "Perspectives on Aging" Group

Perspectives on Aging (PoA) is a student-run group based at the Mailman School of Public Health.  The group's objectives are to sponsor events that explore key issues regarding aging and health from multiple perspectives, provide an environment in which students can explore ideas about how public health can best address the challenge of an aging society, and raise awareness among the Mailman School of Public Health and the larger university environment about the implications of aging and health for a variety of subjects.  The PoA orgsync page may be found here.


The Robert N. Butler Undergraduate Internship Program

Thanks to the generosity of his family, this Columbia Aging Center program was created in memory of Dr. Robert N. Butler the foremost pioneer in the field of aging policy and an alumnus of both Columbia College and Columbia's College of Physicians & Surgeons. Our internship program is open to Columbia University third and fourth-year students with a strong interest in lifecourse, lifespan and aging research and policy. As a university-wide center, the Columbia Aging Center seeks to inspire talented students to become part of a pipeline of future leaders able to master the challenges societies and individuals must face as the world's citizens live longer lives. Over the course of 10-week internships, Butler Interns have access to Columbia University's diverse scholars in the field of aging. Internships have included behavioral and social science research, policy analysis on specific issues, literature reviews, data collection, engagement with local businesses and organizations, event planning, laboratory and site visits, skill workshops, and more. To inquire about deadlines and application details, please write to [email protected].