Seminar: Martin Picard on Energy, Mitochondrial Psychobiology, and Human Health

Thursday, April 28, 2022


Please join us! This hybrid seminar will take via Zoom with an in-person option for CUID holders.  Zoom registration is required at the link below. For more information or to join our mailing list, please contact Caitlin Hawke at [email protected].


Energy, Mitochondrial Psychobiology, and Human Health
Martin Picard, PhD
Associate Professor of Behavioral Medicine (in Psychiatry and Neurology)
Columbia University Irving Medical Center

In person (for CUID holders): Hess Commons, 722 West 168th Street
Via Zoom, register here:

Abstract: Optimizing health and human potential across the lifespan is a shared goal among the biomedical and public health sciences. However, we lack a complete framework to adequately measure and enhance human health. Recognizing the life-sustaining role that energy plays in the human body has brought us to focus on mechanisms of energy transformation within our cells – in the mitochondria. Moreover, human lives are moved by interdependent psychological experiences and molecular-biological processes, which together shape the human experience. This presentation will describe how the developing field of Mitochondrial Psychobiology provides an opportunity to advance the science of health.


Martin Picard Seminar