From the vantage point of their national experience, each of the members of the ILC Global Alliance studies how longer life expectancy and the growing population of older adults impact the culture, economy, and social fabric locally. Together, the ILC-GA advocates for improved societal policies for an aging world.


The 17 ILC-GA member countries: 

1. USA
2. Dominican Republic
3. Brazil
4. Argentina
5. United Kingdom
6. France
7. Netherlands
8. Czech Republic
9. Israel
10. South Africa
11. India
12. China
13. Singapore
14. Japan
15. Australia
16. Canada
17. Germany

Aims of the ILC-GA Member Organizations

  • Devise societies where the human rights and dignity of all people are respected and where people are enabled to enjoy their longevity ina productive and meaningful ways

  • Ensure that older persons have opportunities to be socially and civically engaged, and to enlighten the public about the resources that older persons possess and contribute to their families, communities, and society

  • Advocate for the needs and rights of older people on their behalf, especially pertaining to the provision of health care and long-term care.

  • Conduct training, research, and policy development to identify the ways through which people lead healthy, fulfilling, and active lives throughout the life course


To find out more information about the ILC Global Alliance, read the annual reports and learn about recent events, explore the ILC-Global Alliance website: