AARP Experience Corps is an award-winning, national program that taps into the desire for 50-plus adults to be engaged in community, leveraging their capacity to create lasting change, by uniting them with teachers and schools to improve the academic and social outcomes of children.

Acting as tutors and mentors, the older volunteers help boost students' academic performance while bolstering their own health through the continued activity and community interaction. Dr. Linda Fried, who designed and co-founded Experience Corps, led a randomized, controlled trial of this innovative intervention which found that program volunteers experienced less physical disability and cognitive decline, while raising child literacy in the participating schools – providing evidence for the potential win-wins of an aging society.

Currently, two thousand AARP Experience Corps volunteer members tutor and mentor in 19 cities across the country, providing children with literacy coaching, homework help, a consistent role model, and committed, caring attention. Learn more about AARP Experience Corps and its impact here.