AARP Experience Corps

AARP Foundation Experience Corps is a community-based volunteer program that empowers people over 50 to serve as tutors to help students become better readers by the end of third grade. It is a proven “triple win,” helping students succeed, older adults thrive, and communities grow stronger.

Acting as tutors and mentors, the volunteers help boost students' academic performance while bolstering their own health through the continued activity and community interaction. Dr. Linda Fried, who designed and co-founded Experience Corps, led a randomized, controlled trial of this innovative intervention which found that program volunteers experienced less physical disability and cognitive decline, while raising child literacy in the participating schools – providing evidence for the potential win-wins of an aging society.

The program ensures volunteer success through extensive training, peer networks, and ongoing evaluation. AARP Foundation Experience Corps employs a structured, evidence-based model that improves the overall reading ability of students by building their fluency, accuracy, and comprehension skills.

They focus on outcomes, inspiring volunteers to disrupt the cycle of poverty by making a lasting difference in the lives of America’s most vulnerable children. Learn more about AARP Experience Corps and its impact here.