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The Wall Street Journal talks to Dr. David Weiss about his research on negative aging stereotypes and how one's views and feelings on getting old matters.
October 19, 2015

The Malaysia Star talks about Age Boom Academy 2016 and discusses age-friendly communities with Drs. Staudinger and Finkelstein.
August 16, 2015

At a joint seminar with Swaziland's Ministry of Health, Dean Fried spoke of the value of older adults and the importance of social protection programs and early prevention efforts. 
August 20, 2015

Age Boom Academy fellow, Erin Ellis, discusses the qualities of an Age-Friendly City like New York City.
August 15, 2015

Age Boom Academy participant, Richard Eisenberg, discusses the lack of age-friendly communities and opportunities for change.
August 12, 2015

Dean Linda Fried discusses the epidemiology of dementia and the need for research to understand its causes, influences and treatments.
August 4, 2015

Dean Lina Fried discusses the evolution and future of Medicare which she argues should cover adults over 50 and involve increased coordination and prevention.
July 27, 2015

Age Boom Academy fellow, John F. Wasik, discusses housing for older adults with Dr. Ruth Finkelstein.
July 10, 2015

Age Boom Academy participant, Chris Farrell, highlights the Academy's discussion about generational interdependence and the "dependency ratio."
June 25, 2015

National Public Radio's Ina Jaffee discusses the Aging center's two-day Age boom seminar and the challenges of an aging population.
June 20, 2015