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The work of Mailman School of Public Health MPH student, Taylar Peoples, is featured by Leoneda Inge, Age Boom Academy alumna. Peoples's research with mentor David Weiss, demonstrates the racial differences in perceived loss of status. 
January 9, 2017

Faculty member, Dean Linda Fried, weighs in on the importance of meaningful engagement for successful aging in Kerry Hannon's Forbes piece.
January 8, 2017

Ursula Staudinger joins Oliva Mitchell and Jay Olshansky to discuss the latest science on human longevity and the implications for employers.
December 14, 2016

Faculty member Linda P. Fried, MD, featured in a video about aging research on the occasion of the 2016 Inserm Prize. December 2016

Ursula Staudinger cited in this Project M publication where she is also cited in this article about the waning "Dorian Gray" fixation in our society.
December 1, 2016

A neighborhood highlights local businesses that welcome older shoppers with open arms — or maybe just a place to sit down.
October 24, 2016

A new initiative to reward and promote businesses that make themselves accessible to neighborhood seniors, featuring comments from Ruth Finkelstein, Associate Director.
October 24, 2016

Jack Rowe and Linda Fried weigh in on vital directions to pursue to ensure health and well-being of older person.
October 23, 2016

Ursula Staudinger on living in NYC, an age-friendly city.
October 2016

In a new JAMA paper, faculty members Drs. John W. Rowe and Linda P. Fried highlight four vital directions central to the health and wellbeing of older persons.
September 26, 2016.