Calling all CUMC Postdocs in Aging: Join our round table!

Friday, March 8, 2019

The Columbia Aging Center runs a monthly "Aging Round Table" for CUMC postdoctoral scientists working on biological, behavioral and contextual aspects of human aging. The next meeting will take place at the end of March. For more information about eligibility for the Aging Round Table, contact Caitlin Hawke, Senior Science and Strategy Officer of the Columbia Aging Center: [email protected].

Below are the past sessions of this group.


CAC Postdoctoral Aging Round Table

Cognitive Predictors of Memory Function in Healthy Aging

   Eleanna Varangis Burns, postdoc in Yaakov Stern lab


Cognitive change in healthy aging and dementia: the importance of language

   Jet Vonk, postdoc in Jennifer Manly lab


The Role of Epigenetics in Health and Disease

   Golareh Agha, CAC Postdoc


Sex differences in Alzheimer’s disease: Using novel techniques to discover the impact of anxiety on AD progression

   Holly Hunsberger, postdoc in Christine Denny lab


LGBT Aging and Health

   Rob Juster, postdoc in Walter Bockting lab


A review of the literature on sex differences in exercise efficacy to improve cognition

   David Predovan, postdoc in Yaakov Stern lab


Bilingualism and Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

   Miguel Arce, postdoc in Jennifer Manly lab


Tau PET imaging with MK6240 in Alzheimer's disease

   Patrick Lao, postdoc in Adam Brickman lab


Inflammaging in the bone marrow microenvironment deteriorates blood function and regeneration

   Evgenia Verovskaya, postdoc in Emmanuelle Passegue lab


Holiday Happy Hour at Manolo Tapas


Accumulation of APP fragment C99 at mitochondria-associated ER membranes causes mitochondrial alterations through lipid dyshomeostasis

   Jorge Montesinos, postdoc in Estela Area Gomez lab


Workshopping Specific Aims for Grant Submissions

   Stephanie Shiau, postdoc in Louise Kuhn lab, Sergievsky Center