Chiyo Moriuchi to become CEO of Friends Home & Village in Newtown, PA

Monday, August 5, 2019

Former Columbia Aging Center program manager, Chiyo Moriuchi (Columbia Mailman MPH 2015) named CEO and Executive Director of Friends Home & Village


Chiyo Moriuchi (Columbia Mailman MPH 2015, Columbia MBA 1986) was named CEO and Executive Director of Friends Home & Village, a 122 year old retirement community in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1897, Friends Home & Village is considered a pioneer in providing dignified, independent, and affordable living for older adults on two campuses.

Moriuchi received her MPH from the Mailman School focusing on aging issues, where she designed an evaluation protocol for an aging in place community. She also served as program manager for an evidence-based falls prevention program at the Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center. In addition to her academic training, Moriuchi has extensive experience as a non-profit board member and business executive in finance and real estate investment management in the U.S. and Asia.

“Projections show that by 2029 there will be 14.4 million middle-income adults over 75 years old and less than 54 percent of seniors will have the savings they need for their later years,” said Moriuchi. “The senior housing industry has generally focused on the high income population leaving few options for those of more modest means. Friends Home & Village is committed to continuing to provide a high-quality, affordable and supportive community for older adults and I am pleased to become part of its remarkable history and commitment.”