In grateful recognition: Remembering Shigeo Morioka, co-founder of the ILC

Thursday, June 21, 2018

We are saddened to report the death of Shigeo Morioka on June 4 at the age of 96. Co-founder of the International Longevity Center (ILC) with Robert N. Butler, he served as honorary president of the ILC Global Alliance at the time of his passing.

Our colleague, Shinichi Ogami,Director, ILC-Japan, shared the following biographical details.

"Shigeo indeed embodied a productive life until the end. In 1990, Shigeo supported Dr. Butler’s vision for an ILC and together they established the organization in Japan and the United States. He dedicated himself over the ensuing 30 years to realizing productive aging, tapping into industrial, government and academic sectors for collaboration and support.

He had previously served as CEO of the Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Company (now Astellas Pharma Inc.), and  enjoyed wide networks across the globe. He had a calm presence and excellent decision-making skills, as well as a broad knowledge of gerontology.  He was  always a gentleman, humorous, and trusted and loved by  many   worldwide.  

Only two weeks before his death, in a business meeting at ILC Japan, he looked back on the past three decades and expressed great joy:  'It’s wonderful that ILC has grown this big and built its global presence. And now, it is playing a significant role in our society. I would like to continue to provide further support.'

Shigeo’s wish was for all in the ILC Global Alliance to work together to contribute to  society, while fostering  quality research and education."