Gray Area: Introducing a podcast from Columbia J-School students about aging in NYC

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Students of Columbia Graduate School of Journalism professor Daniel Alarcón have produced a thoughtful series of four podcasts about aging in New York City. Produced and written by students Steph Beckett, Amara Omeokwe, Jennifer Sigl and Sarah Wyman, the podcasts cover stories about home and health, about family and technology, stories intended to compel listeners to think about aging in a different way.

To stream these four epidsodes, visit:

The Little Old Lady Who Stays Put about the elusive idea of aging in place well, produced by Jennifer Sigl
The Caregiving Conundrum about the painful economics and choices around caregiving produced by Amara Omeokwe
Getting out Gray about reacclimatizing to life outside prison, produced by Steph Beckett
Life Outside the Lines about creating art with dementia produced by Sarah Wyman