Hats off! Or caps off: Congratulations to Anna Bryan and the CC class of 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A big congratulations goes out to the graduating classes of Columbia College and the Mailman School of Public Health!  To read about one graduating senior on Morningside aspiring to become a geriatrician, Anna Bryan, see a profile here.  Anna was a student in Dean Linda Fried’s aging course, co-taught with Professor Dana March. 

“The course was one of my favorites during my time at Columbia,” Bryan said. “Dean Fried is a legend in the field of geriatric medicine and her insights changed the way I approach supporting others in their aging process and even how I approach my own life.”

Anna discusses her very positive experience in the class and also notes that she was first inspired to pursue a career in geriatrics by Helen Edelberg, an internist and geriatrician who received her MPH degree in the MSPH Class of 2002, who was then president of the Mailman School alumni association.

“Dr. Edelberg introduced me to the field of geriatrics. I honestly had been a bit intimidated by the premed curriculum before, but then I realized that geriatrics was the perfect fit for me,” Bryan said.