Mailman Student Jack Seifarth's OpEd in Next Avenue about a course to train for later life

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Jack Seifarth's Op Ed

Columbia Mailman MPH Student Jack Seifarth


Jack Seifarth is a graduate student in the department of epidemiology at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health (MPH, Class of 2022). His primary research is in lifecourse epidemiology. After a grueling first year in the "core" of our MPH program, he came to the conclusion that while public health has created an entirely new stage of life by expanding life expectancy by 30 years, there is much room to improve the quality of those years. In his February 16 opinion piece in Next Avenue, Jack called for something akin to a universal grade 13, for people approaching retirement to learn the essentials of aging: the intricacies of Medicare, long-term care, one-stop shop for volunteering  and community engagement opportunities. 

The class would be tailored to the policies of its students' state and communities. It would be taught in trusted, existing community centers like schools and places of worship. And it could be taught by alumni of the course, yielding another important opportunity for meaningful engagement of older address. To read more, see his op-ed here.