National Academy holds summit on implementation routes for the Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Last week, the National Academy of Medicine held a one-day symposium in Washington, DC to discuss how societies can take the recommendations from the Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity Report and reap the benefits of global aging by creating healthy longevity, defined in the report as “the state in which years in good health approach the biological life span, with physical, cognitive, and social functioning, enabling well-being across populations.” The meeting explored enablers of healthy longevity from multiple perspectives. Speakers and panelists included nationally known experts from news and media, policy, research, and business who discussed possibilities of overcoming barriers to healthy longevity. The commission that produced the report was co-chaired by Drs. Linda P. Fried and John Wong.

View the summit here: