News from the Belsky Lab

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Columbia Aging Center Faculty Member, Dan Belsky, and his team have been busy, with interest running high on their latest publication on DunedinPACE, a new DNA methylation blood test for the Pace of Aging. The paper is out in the journal eLife and we wrote about it here. The software package to compute DunedinPACE is available at:

Dan spoke at the January 2022 NIA RCCN workshop on measuring biological age, a recording of which will be viewable here.

From the Belsky team, postdoctoral fellow Reem Waziry MBBCh, MPH, PhD, earned a junior investigator travel award and will present her work next month at the International Stroke Conference.  Dr. Waziry will also present at the Gerontological Society of America meeting in Indianapolis in November. She is the recipient of a clinical translational research scholarship which began in July 2021. 

Dayoon Kwon has a paper on a toolkit for quantification of biological aging out in the journal Geroscience. The software package BioAge is available at:

Gloria Graf also has a paper out; hers is on biological aging as a mediator of Black-White disparities in Healthspan and it may be found in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Finally, in a few weeks, the Belsky lab will welcome new postdoctoral scientist, Calen Ryan. Calen will work on genomic analysis of the CALERIE Trial, as well as social and fertility-history determinants of biological aging. 

To read more about the Belsky lab and projects, click here.